“A Cloudy Place”– Blogging About Cloud Computing

I am glad to share that “a cloudy place” blog is finally up here: http://acloudyplace.com


What is “a cloudy place”?

A centralized blog focused on cloud technology exclusively for developers. If you’ve heard about SQL Server Central, it’s somewhat similar but focus on cloud computing. You can find topics such as general cloud info, Amazon Web Services, Windows Azure, and so many more.

Who own “a cloudy place”?

“a cloudy place” is owned and managed by Red Gate, a software company specializing in SQL, DBA, .NET, and Oracle development tools based in Cambridge, UK.

What to do with me?

Aha! I am invited to become a contributor on “a cloudy place”. In a first few post, you will see me write about some generic cloud concept. Of course, I’ll discuss more about Windows Azure later on.

You can find my articles here.

Happy “cloudy” reading on “a cloudy place”!

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