Participating HP APJ (Asia Pacific & Japan) Media Event in Singapore

It was indeed a pleasant experience to participate HP APJ (Asia Pacific & Japan) Media Event in Singapore last 18 and 19 Oct. This two-days event was actually targeting media reporter or journalist in APAC and Japan Region. More than 100 of them were invited to the event. They came from China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and so many more.

Reza Faisal and Raymond Englebert were Indonesia MVPs that join us on the event as well. And surprisingly, I met my Windows Azure MVP fellow from Australia, Steven Nagy. I knew Steven online from blog, forum, distribution-list, but never met him face-to-face before.

Despite of media event, a few prominent technology bloggers in the region were invited as well. I believe from HP’s perspective, bloggers are like informal online journalist, yet could be key influencers as well.

I am glad that I was also invited to the event. The event is organized in Marina Bay Sands, one of the most awesome hotel in Singapore Winking smile.


Here’re quick summary from me.

Day 1

First part of the agenda of the day were done by several gentlemen from HP.


  • It was started Wolfgang Wittmer, GM of Enterprise Servers, Storage & Networking from HP Asia Pacific & Japan. Wolfgang described about the growth of Cloud Computing were mainly triggered by economic factor, social factor, and technology transformation factors.
  • The presentation was continued by Steve Dietch, Vice President, Marketing, Cloud Solutions & Infrastructure from HP. He explained about strategies of HP in answering the complete solution of Cloud Computing Innovation.
  • The next session was presented by EJ Bodnar, WW Marketing Director, Technology Consulting Services from HP that highlighted the growth of data center in APJ Region. It’s predicted that China will become the second biggest data center in worldwide by 2012.
  • Tom Joyce, Vice President of Storage Marketing, Strategy & Operations from HP that illustrated HP 3PAR Utility Storage that is mainly designed for Virtualization and Cloud Solution.


The second part of the agenda was the Panel Discussion amongst a few cloud computing practitioner from the industry where they share what they have done on cloud computing and how it helps their business. The panelists were as following:


Having done the lunch and second part of panel discussion. We then proceeded to Cooltown Tour… What is “cooltown” anyway? It is actually an Innovation Centre located in Singapore that delivers a unique experience of how Business Technology drives business outcomes with hands on technology and real world scenarios.

Day 2

Day 2 is purposely plan for technical blogger where the content are much more deep-drilled. The sessions were not only on presentation, but also some interactive live demo.

The following topics were covered:

  • HP 3PAR Storage System
  • Cloud System Matrix
  • HP Data Center Transformation Experience Workshop
  • Virtual System

Some photos taken Smile

143 141 144



The second part of the agenda was SingTel Cloud Data Center Tour. The tour was to show us how the data center of SingTel Cloud Alatum works. What I can tell, that was awesome experience. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to take any photo of it.

So, sorry guys, no photo uploaded Smile.


That was a quick summary from me. I believe other bloggers may have their own as well. I really enjoy the event, that’s indeed a great exposure. Hope to see you guys again!

For those who tweet regularly, you can check out Twitter tag #HPAPJ. I believe many folks there were tweeting very actively.

All in all, I would like to thank:

  • HP that inviting us and make this event happened
  • Ivyworldwide (Nick and Terri) for your kind arrangement and assistance
  • Bloggers for sharing and participating the event. It”s nice to meet bloggers from various country with various background, experience, culture, and knowledge.

See you on the next event.

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