SQL Azure Diagnostic Tool

In certain circumstances it’s very challenging for us to troubleshoot SQL Azure issues since the SQL Azure Server is actually a virtual server (TDS Endpoint), not an actual physical machine as current on-premise SQL Server is.

As announced by SQL Azure team, SQL Azure Diagnostic Tool is a tool that has been developed to shorten the data collection process when troubleshooting SQL Azure issues. This tool is available to be download for free from here.


SQL Azure Diagnostic Tools is built on top of .NET 4.0 and SQL Server Reporting, as such some prerequisites are needed:

Having done installing the SQL Azure Diagnostic Tool, you will see a light-weight tool as this:


To use it, simply enter details of your SQL Azure account including:

  • server name
  • database name
  • username
  • password

And simply click on GO button to begin the diagnostic.

SQL Azure Diagnostic Tool will provide you a execution time of various kind of queries so that you could analyze it in more detail, what is the root cause your application’s issue.

It captures:

  • Top 10 CPU consumption
  • Top 10 Duration
  • Top 10 Logical I/O
  • Top 10 Physical I/O


I believe this is still an very early stage of tool and will be keep improving and improving. We would hope that in the next version of update, we can see more comprehensive analysis.

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