Windows Azure User Group Singapore 2nd UG Meeting

As you can seen from the invitation here, last Wednesday was our second meeting of Windows Azure User Group Singapore. The evening was attended by 18 participants.

Here’s short summary for the event.

First Session – Best practices for designing & developing applications for Azure

The first session was delivered by Rishi Agrawal, Technical Sales Specialist for Windows Azure, from Microsoft. Rishi discussed the various best practices in designing and developing Windows Azure applications. He started with basic concept of Windows Azure including the service roles (web and worker). He later explained some storage option in the cloud (SQL Azure VS Windows Azure Storage) and discussed each of the appropriate choice in various condition.

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Second Session – Advanced Topics on Windows Azure Service Roles

Frankly speaking, I was under unfit condition. In fact, I was on sick leave that day (you can see I was wearing a thick sweater). However, I still need to make it no matter what, that’s commitment Winking smile.

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I talked about 4 sections namely Windows Azure Service Roles, Advanced Topic on those roles, setting up the remote desktop, and finally admin-mode and startup task. Plus an bonus of answering a common question: “can we install something on Windows Azure?”.

I support the presentation with a practical demo by showing a sample application called CloudUnRar. Although this is not a sophisticated application, it is used to demo the installation of WinRAR on Windows Azure using Windows Azure Start-up Task.

For those who are interested in the topic,feel free to download my presentation slide and demo here.

Hope this helps! See you on the next UG meeting.

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