How to establishing virtual network connection between cloud and on-premise with Windows Azure Connect (Part 4–Deploying Application To The Cloud and Configuring Windows Azure Connect)

This is the fourth post of how-to Windows Azure Connect series. Be sure to check out the other posts if you have not done so.

Deploying My Application On Windows Azure

Go back to Visual Studio, on the Windows Azure Connect project, click on Publish. Leave the “Create Service Package Only” alone and click on OK.


Go to Windows Azure Developer Portal, click on Hosted Service, Storage Accounts & CDN. On the upper part, click on Hosted Services. Next Click New Hosted Service.

 image_0A0BFA06 image_2E9089E6

As the dialog bog show up, enter necessary info such service’s name, URL, region, and the package itself.

Waiting for a few moment will change your deployment’s status from Initializing, Busy, and finally Ready.


Try to click on the url that we’ve specify may most likely result you the error page that we’ve defined earlier since it will fail to connect to our on-premise machine.


Creating Azure Connect Groups

Now,go to Virtual Network Menu,select the subscription and click on Create Group on the ribbon.


As the dialog box will show up, enter the group name, description (optional), select the “from” endpoint (which is our on-premise machine), and “to” endpoint (which is azure instance). Make sure that check the “Allow connection between endpoints in group” checkbox. Click Create when you are done.


The Final Result

Browse here and you can see the final result:


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