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Debugging or Running an ASP.NET Application without Windows Azure Compute Emulator

Recently, one of my .NET developers who was involved in a Windows Azure Project came and asked me two questions: 1. Why does it take longer time to debug or run a Windows Azure Project than a typical ASP.NET project? … Continue reading

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Installing Third Party Software on Windows Azure – What are the options?

I have seen this question asked many times now: “How do I install third party software on Windows Azure?” This is a reasonably important question to address as Windows Azure applications often need to use third party software components. In … Continue reading

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Managing session state in Windows Azure: What are the options?

One of the most common questions in developing ASP.NET applications on Windows Azure is how to manage session state. The intention of this article is to discuss several options to manage session state for ASP.NET applications in Windows Azure. What … Continue reading

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Applying Config Transformation app.config in Windows Azure Worker Role

Background In many cases, we need to have two different set of configuration settings (let say: one for development environment and another one for production environment). What we normally do is to change the setting one by one manually before … Continue reading

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Can We Install Custom Software on Windows Azure?

Recently, a few people asked me similar questions: Can we install custom software on Windows Azure? In a nutshell, I will yes, it is possible! Next, the question: How to do it? How complex it is? Before answering those question, … Continue reading

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