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Using Your Smartphone’s Camera to Live Stream Through Azure Media Services

You might have seen many examples of Azure Media Services (AMS) Live Streaming demo through Wirecast installed on the laptop as shown in below links: Jason’s post on Azure Blog Jason’s recorded session in Ignite 2015 Now, I’d like to … Continue reading

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Using Dynamic Manifest for Bitrates Filtering in Azure Media Services: Scenario-based walkthrough

I’m very excited about the release of this features in Azure Media Services. In fact, in the past few months there have been several asks from my customers which I personally engaged with. Jason and Cenk from Media Services team … Continue reading

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Azure Media Services Demo Videos

Hey folks, recently I created 3 Azure Media Services videos, hosted on Office Mix. Please check them out: Simple Video On Demand Workflow (14 mins) This is where ideally you should start Azure Media Services. This demo show you how … Continue reading

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Windows Azure On-boarding Guide for Dev / Test

This post is to provide customer who are considering / has decided Windows Azure for Dev / Test environment. Windows Azure’s Values for Different Stakeholders in Dev / Test Scenario     Application sponsor BUIT/ Developers Central IT/ Infrastructure Ops … Continue reading

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Windows Azure outstands amongst 5 large IaaS providers in an independent comparative analysis by Cloud Spectator

Recently, I found an analysis paper about cloud server performance conducted by an independent cloud performance metrics company, Cloud Spectator. This post is to summarize the paper and I definitely encourage you to read the full report over here:….pdf … Continue reading

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SQL Database Automated Backup–Before and Now

SQL Database and its three replicas You might have heard that SQL Database (formally SQL Azure) is a scalable and highly durable database service on the cloud and there’re multiple replicas automatically provisioned when we create a database. It’s true … Continue reading

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Singapore Chapter of Global Windows Azure Bootcamp–Recap

27th April 2013 was an awesome day! Why? On that day, we have events for more than 96 locations, 154 speakers, 194 sessions, and 7432 attendees. That’s what we called Global Windows Azure Bootcamp. Cool, isn’t it? We also ran … Continue reading

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Windows Azure and Online Gaming

Online Gaming For the last recent years, online gaming industry keeps growing tremendously. The advantages are very obvious: reach more audience lower running cost anytime and anywhere access and so many more People literally port any kind of games to … Continue reading

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Preserving Static IP Address in Windows Azure

It is a pretty common practice to use an IP address to provide access on whitelisting service. As an example a trading partner Contoso only allows my company Northwind to access their web service. Only the predefined IP address will … Continue reading

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