Azure Media Services Demo Videos

Hey folks, recently I created 3 Azure Media Services videos, hosted on Office Mix.

Please check them out:

  1. Simple Video On Demand Workflow (14 mins)
    This is where ideally you should start Azure Media Services. This demo show you how to create a simple on-demand media workflow with Azure Media Services Explorer.

  2. Transcript Generation with Media Indexer (16 mins)
    Media Indexer is powerful speech-to-text engine, similar technology used in Xbox and Cortana. This demo shows you how to generating transcript with Media Indexer to improve the search-ability and providing caption to video.

  3. Live Streaming (17 mins)
    Heard about Sochi Olympic and FIFA Worldcup digital streaming? Yes, these both events were digitally streamed through Azure Media Services Live Streaming? Check-out the video on how easily you can live-stream your feed to the world.
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