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In-Proc Session Does Not Work Well in Windows Azure

In traditional ASP.NET application, you have option to use several session states mode including In-Process, State Server, SQL Server, or even Custom. In fact, the simplest way and most common scenario is using In-Process where the session states is actually … Continue reading


Implementing Session State Management in Windows Azure with Azure Storage

In last post, I’ve shown you why and how the InProc session doesn’t work in Windows Azure. In this post, I’ll show you how to work around this issue, specifically using Azure Storage as Custom Session Provider. Well, actually it’s … Continue reading

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Step-by-step: Migrating ASP.NET Application to Windows Azure (Part 5 – Implementing Bulk Copy from Blob Storage to SQL Azure)

This is an additional post for Migrating ASP.NET Application to Windows Azure series. Please refer to previous related posts if you have not read it before. Introduction In the step 6 of the Part 3 post, remembering that I commented … Continue reading

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Mapping Custom Domain Name to Windows Azure

Introduction As most of you have known that, when creating service to host our application in Windows Azure, we are provided a special DNS with suffix For example: which is personal starter kit that have been moved to … Continue reading

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